Flourish’s Five Top Tips to Fix Holiday Disasters

The lost luggage

Staring at an empty carousel? Look for the airline desk inside the baggage hall and fill in a Property Irregularity Report. Closed? Call the airline for assistance. If your bags never turn up, airlines are liable for a payout of about £1,000, so you’ll want to contact your insurers about claiming. Additionally, demand a refund on any baggage fees – after all, the airline hasn’t delivered. Literally.

The overbooked hotel or car

Find an on-the-spot solution, as chasing claims later is difficult. Companies are terrified of getting bad reviews, so push for a free meal or tank of petrol to make up for the inconvenience.

The missed flight

The traffic was murder? Alas, airlines aren’t required to help. Visit your airline’s help desk and avoid tantrums and they may take pity by offering a discount on the next flight. If you’ve missed your outbound leg, confirm the state of your return, as a no-show on the former often means that the latter will be cancelled – if so, ask to be refunded free of charge.

The passport or wallet

Call the police. No cash? Most banks have secret codes they can give you to access a small amount of cash from an ATM. Don’t panic about your passport as British embassies can issue emergency travel documents to get you back home.

The hospital visit

Did you know that Egypt’s emergency number is 123? Probably not. Luckily, you don’t really need to know if you own a 3G mobile. That emergency call button you see at home works abroad too!
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