Hidden London

If you are exploring London why not try some of our favourite things to do:


Street Art Walking Tour

The streets of London are alive with the inspiring street art, from famous Banksy pieces to the work of anonymous artists. Let Flourish arrange a brief tour of the best street art on offer in East London – helping visitors see a whole new side to London.

Speakeasy Bar Crawl

Let Flourish transport you and your group back to the glamour of the 1940’s, with a bar crawl of some of the city’s finest speakeasy joints. Fabulous live music, world-class cocktails and high-glamour surroundings, Flourish will take you off the beaten track to the city’s best hidden bars.

London Markets

London has an array of incredible markets. Whether you want to hunt for antiques, vintage clothing, old records, unique art or delicious food, Flourish can take you to the smaller, more unknown markets offering a unique experience for your guests.

Museum Lates

See the city’s finest museums in a new light. Flourish can take your guests to London’s most spectacular museums after-hours, for a show-stopping, truly exclusive experience.

Cooking Classes

To add an element of competition to the agenda, Flourish can arrange private cooking classes and challenges in various private kitchen venues around the city, including a challenge which will see guests given a budget and let loose in a local market to barter for ingredients. Always hugely enjoyable, guests will enjoy working as a team and learning a new skill.

Escape Project

A fun, adrenaline-fuelled activity, small teams will be locked in a space which on first impressions is a small room, but in reality is a carefully designed environment which they need to escape from in 60 minutes. Promoting teamwork, logical thinking and most of all, a sense of fun and excitement, this popular team-building activity

Platform Nine and three-quarters

In Kings Cross Station, North London, lies a famous location that featured in the Harry Potter books and films…the elusive Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. Not many know that this platform actually exists, so it makes a fun and unique sight-seeing opportunity.

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