Virtual Conference & Exhibitions.

From small seminars to large branded conferences with 1000’s of delegates.

Flourish has partnered with the leading virtual event software specialist to offer an events platform as a cost effective virtual solution.

Opting for a virtual conference for your next event makes total business sense in the current climate.  Not only does it provide an opportunity to run a successful conference with a significantly extended reach, it also provides a customised, next-level experience for your delegates to enjoy.

The main advantages to any organisation are cost reduction, time savings and the ability to achieve a wider reach. A virtual conference will cost significantly less to organise than a live event, with less logistics to tackle. Of course, we would prefer to organise your conference as we normally do, however this solution will enable future conferences to take place in different way. 


Virtual Marketing & Sales.

Generate more quality leads and improve your pipeline with a virtual event. A virtual engagement solution helps bring together customers, experts and stakeholders from dispersed global locations whilst improving your brand awareness ensuring you have brand omnipresence.

Key Features and Benefits Include:

• Keep the world up to date with your brand • Educate potential buyers • Deliver content to your audience with a new immediacy • Showcase new products and services • Target your audience precisely • Demonstrable ROI

Virtual Recruitment & Training.

A virtual careers and recruitment fair gives an organisation immediate access to a global network of applicants. Without the limitations of costs for applicants or location, it enables a company’s vision, values and culture to really come to life, reaching the best candidates from around the world.

Key Features and Benefits Include:

Virtual training programs offer cost-saving efficiencies and superior trackability of delegates progress. An online training environment can reduce colleague’s need for time away from the office too as all content can be made available on demand. A blend of both collaboration and asynchronous engagement is easy to manage via an online resource such as a virtual training hub. Lower your training costs and extend the reach of your learning programmes with an online event

Online Corporate Communications.

Organisations with a global or widespread workforce and clientele set, and associations who provide valuable and specialist advice in their fields of expertise, are just two sectors harnessing the power of our virtual events platform as a flexible and cost-efficient way to provide reliable information, guidance and ‘real-time’ updates.

Key Features and Benefits Include:

• Live presentation and seminar auditoriums for key briefings and updates • Networking areas with group chat, surveys, and peer-to-peer discussions • ‘Real-time’ content adaptation for breaking news • Resource centre with on-demand content, downloads and podcasts • 24/7 access for outreach and communications across different time zones • Live stream launches with presentations, speakers and product demonstrations • Social media integration

Why Flourish?

We know what is important to our clients and can adapt your event into the virtual world with the same knowledge, expertise and passion as we have always achieved.

We are here to make things simple and straightforward for our clients. Yes, this is different for everyone, but at Flourish we understand, have researched and tested the vast amounts of software solutions on offer and we know the best, most appropriate solution to offer our clients. A solution that matches the brief and the budget and ensure that the client will be thrilled with the end result.

Live Demo

Flourish will arrange a demo of the software to illustrate the solution and benefits to your company.

Fully Briefed

Following receiving your event brief, all elements will be considered and proposed back to you for a successful virtual event, with transparent costing’s and a stage by stage timeline.


Flourish will customise the software for the event and enhance your event with an additional proposal of other ideas to make your event different, productive and stand out.


We will ensure the CRM will be reported efficiently for post event communication


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