Virtual Gin and Tonic Tasting.


We are thrilled you will be joining us for our ‘Virtual’ Gin Tasting Experience taking place very soon.

You should have received a box full of delicious gins and a few extra ingredients needed for the tasting or your box will be on it’s way.

As tempting as it might be, please resist the contents until the event!

In addition to the box there are a few more items you need to have and get ready, all of which is detailed below. This page also details more information about the experience itself and how to access the event online.

1. What's in your box?

50ml Old Tom GIn by The House of Botanicals.

50ml VII Hills Gin

50ml Sipsmith Dry Gin

50ml Jenson Bermondsey Gin

50ml Raspberry Old Tom Gin by The House of Botanicals

1 x 200ml Beebolin Tonic Water

Please note each box may vary due to availability and requests from your organiser.

2. Prior to the event

Gins & Tonic

We suggest you the following at least 24 hours prior to the event if possible:

1. Please put your tonic water in the fridge.

2. Keep the Gins at room temperature.


You’ll need at least 200 grams of ice for your Gin and Tonic.


There are some dry garnishes in your box, but feel free to supply your own lemons and limes if you prefer some extra citrus in your Gin and Tonic.

Please have a lemon and a fruit peeler close to hand if you have the extra citrus garnishes.

The garnishes are not essential to the event so please do not go to any trouble trying to source these items.

3. Meeting online

We will be using Zoom Online Meetings for the event.

We will send a link to the online zoom meeting and password to enter the ‘meeting room’.

We recommend ALL participants test the link a few days or hours in advance of the event.

All participants must create a Zoom Account (free) and be signed on the device you are using to access the online meeting.

Here is a quick video on how to join a Zoom Meeting

We recommend using a laptop for the event. The gin tasting will work on a tablet/smartphone but is a better experience on a laptop.

Please make sure you have your device ready for the tasting, plugged in or with a full charge, with sound on and a good connection to the internet.

4. On the day

On the day of your tasting find yourself a comfortable place to set up for the event.

Make sure your laptop or device is plugged in or fully charged, with sound on and your gin and glassware is within easy reach.

The online ‘meeting room’ will be open 15 minutes prior to the event beginning so please log in early to avoid any last minute complications accessing the room.

5. Glassware

For the evening you will need at least five glasses:

1. A highball, rocks glass or balloon glass for your gin & tonic
2. A ‘tasting’ glass* for the remaining gins and the cocktail


If you want to use a different glass for each drink tasting please prepare the following:

1. One highball, rocks glass or balloon glass for your gin & tonic
2. Five individual ‘tasting’ glasses* for the remaining gins and the cocktail

* = Tasting Glass: A small wine glass or cocktail/martini glass is perfect but essentially any glass will do.


Wine Glass
Wine Glass
Cocktail/Martini Glass
Cocktail/Martini Glass


6. What to wear

Please feel free to put your glad rags on! We will be out of our pjs and into our fanciest outfits ready to guide you through the wonderful world of gin.

Be assured, we don’t have to see you on screen if you don’t want to share. However, it would be fun to see you sipping during the tasting and to see your reactions to the gins we will taste.

So, even though we will be staying in, please dress for a night on the town!

We can’t wait to see you online and as we said, if you have any queries or questions regarding the evening please do not hesitate contact us on

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