Virtual Gin and Tonic Tasting.


Are you missing the after work drink with your colleagues? Don’t worry we have just the answer.

We can arrange for a branded box of Gin and Tonic’s to be delivered to you and your work colleagues, friends or clients to enjoy a well deserved drink at the end of the week. Our Gin Experts will then lead you all on a call to make the perfect drink.

1. How it works

  • We confirm the date and time of the event with the client
  • We can send a to client to share link so that participants can send us their delivery details – Names, addresses & emails
  • Our partner sends out all our specially created gin boxes and other component parts needed for the event
  • We send a confirmation email to each participant with simple to follow instructions for items each guest needs to prepare for the event to take place such as glassware, ice and garnishes
  • Then we meet at the chosen date and time online using a private Zoom room which will share the details of with each guest
  • The tasting itself is about 90 min

2. During the call

  • Welcome the guests and then briefly detail what happen during the experience
  • Explore the ‘Distilled history of gin’ – an interactive and engaging talk on the history, influence and culture of gin
  • A journey through the highs and lows of Londons drinking past and present
  • A ‘how-to-taste-gin’ tutorial
  • A ‘mix-your-own-Martini’ masterclass

3. Contents

  • 1xgin&tonictobegin
  • 2 x tastings of premium gins
  • 1 x gin cocktail
  • 1 x extra tonic

If you would like to book a Virtual Gin and Tonic Tasting please do not hesitate contact us on

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