What Does ‘Black Tie’ Really Mean?

As you may have received an invite with the dress code ‘Black Tie’ recently in the lead-up to Christmas, we wanted to remind you about what the dress code really means…

For Gentleman, Black Tie can be referred to as ‘dinner jackets’ or, if you’re guests are from across the pond… ‘Tuxedos’.

Bow Ties – must be black and traditionally hand tied, but for those who get a bit tied up in knots there are the pre-tied variety
Cummerbands – are not a “must have” but may be worn
Waistcoats – again not an essential item. If you choose to wear a waistcoat, ditch the cummerband as these two items do not go together
Socks – this is where the planning may be needed, high black matching socks are a must
Shirts – Easy option, a plain white silk shirt with buttons and double cuffs. The more complex option, White evening shirt with a with a marcella collar, bib and double cuffs, with a turn-down collar (not a wing-collar), worn with cufflinks and studs
Jacket – The Jacket should be black wool, single breasted no vents, with silk peaked lapels and covered buttons.
Trousers – Black and slightly tapered
Cufflinks – these can be decorative or plain, but are an essential part of your black tie outfit
Fashion Statement – a white hankerchief in the left breast pocket is classic and a sign of taste in our opinion

Also don’t forget to polish your black lace up shoes!


A smart dress, long or short, but not too short!
Evening trousers are an option, so we have the best of both worlds
Tights should be worn and be black or sheer
This is the time of year to get the sparkle on, the only caveat is no tiaras…
Dont forget an elegant evening bag to keep your essentials in and an evening coat to keep you warm

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