Why Visit California and Western United States as an Incentive Destination?

California and Western United States offers great weather, cuisine, nightlife and value for money, some of the many reasons to make this your next incentive destination. This is why, at Flourish, we want to indulge our clients into the plethora of destinations and activities that the areas have to offer; which may not otherwise possible as an ordinary traveller.

Flourish can organize the following memorable activites:

San Francisco
Private sailing regatta on the San Francisco Bay
Explore the Wine Country in classic convertible cars
Private Dining on Alcatraz Island

San Diego
Race and sail on America’s Cup Yachts

Los Angeles
Private party at a Hollywood movie studio
Make your own movie experience

Las Vegas
Pilot exotic cars, such as Ferrari on the racetrack
Explore a gold mine in the Nevada Desert and then ride ATVs or horses through rugged western scenery
Fly a jet fighter plane

Cowboy adventures: Ride where legends rode
City Slicker Rodeo
Horseback riding and overnight camping in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

So turn your incentive trip to the USA from the ordinary to the extraordinary and discover the inner depths of California and Western United States.

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