How to Choose the Perfect Restaurant for your Next Meeting

Has your boss tasked you with the job of booking a restaurant for that all important meeting, you know, the ‘deal closer’? And you don’t know where to book as the last place you ate at was the greasy spoon down the road?

The first rule is to know your audience, find out what food your guests like. It would be a disaster to take the decision maker to a steakhouse if they are a vegetarian…sounds obvious, we know. Then you need to impress, so think new restaurant openings, places you typically need to book three months in advance (don’t panic we can help). The ambience is key; if it’s a lunch meeting to discuss private details maybe they need a quiet table in the corner?

Also make it easy for your boss and their guest to get there, send out clear directions, mark out nearby car parks or public transport links.

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