Why Conferences Need a New Lease of Life

After telling a lot of our clients they need to look at their customer experience, in the summer we took our own advice and attended a conference, becoming delegates for the day.

It was an eye-opener that has led to a thought we have had for a long while, conferences need a new lease of life.

Sitting on the other side, it was apparent that speakers simply standing in front of a powerpoint presentation does not work in the modern world. The phrase “death by powerpoint” was apt. The use of modern technology mixed with a short attention span meant that within minutes the audience were replying to emails, texting and had simply switched off.

To be a speaker is a talent. The content needs to add value to the audience and the speaker needs to be engaging. Companies please take note, the person within your team who collates fascinating stats, may not be the one to deliver them.

So as the team sat there observing the disconnection of the audience with the presenter it was clear, conferences need to change. We are asked for the majority of events to attract C-level audiences. These people tend to be cash rich, time poor so to waste their time at a conference is an insult. This will not grow your business, but just ensure they never turn up to another event and your chance to build that relationship is over.

If you fear you are in danger of putting on another conference that may turn more people off than on, contact us to hear our innovative new ideas for your next conference.

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